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Gravce na Tavce

Preparation Time: 60 minutes
Cooking time: 60 minutes
Energy level per serving: unknown
Saturated fat level per serving: unknown
Carbohydrates level per serving: unknown
Gi level per serving: unknown
Number of servings: 5
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 500 gm(s) canned canned butter beans
 1 kg(s) chopped onions
 2 dry peppers or fresh peppers
 1 tbsp(s) flour
 1 bunch(es) fresh parsley
  pepper, salt, paprika
 20 ml(s) oil
 3 garlic cloves
  sprinkling(s) wild mint
 3 bay leaves
Macedonian butter beans baked in the oven. Very delicious
Posted by: premuda on 02 January 2009
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Cooking Steps:
** You will need water from the butter beans
* Preheat over to 250c.

1. Chop 1 kilo of onions into small bits and fry in a pot on low heat
2. Add pepper, salt & 1-2 spoons of paprika and mix. Continue frying until golden brown.
3. In a clay dish add a layer of butter beans first (the first half)
4. Then add the layer of fried onions.
5. Sprinkle a bit more of paprika on top
6. Add a layer of chopper fresh or dried peppers.
7. Add final layer of butter beans
8. Sprinkle with parsley, wild mint.
9. Add the water in which the beans cooked or the water from the can. Alternatively add the water in which you rinsed the beans in.
Be careful not to put too much water as the recipe needs to dry a bit
10 Sprinkle with 1 spoon of flour on top
11. Add the three garlic cloves (don't crush them)
12. Spread around the bay leaves
13. Put into oven & (lower heat to 200c) and bake for roughly 1 hour.
14. BE CAREFUL water doesn't dry out completely. If beans are burning the cover with foil.

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Posted by: premuda on 20/10/2008 21:17:41
Excellent vegetarian meal that costs around £3.00 and is extremely tasty.
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warming winter casserole
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Warming tasty soup. I hope you enjoy.