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Situated in the heart of the Kentish countryside, Cherry Tree Farm is renowned for supplying top quality specialist salad. Led by James Perkins, every salad leaf is lovingly tended to insure maximum taste.

Situated in Appledore, their baby leaf selection of mizuna, red chard, tatsoi, red streak mustard, salad cress, bulls blood and pak choi is picked fresh to order giving optimum freshness and flavour, whilst the wild garlic with its earthy, subtle flavour is foraged by James for us.


The season is short so make the most of it! It is picked by the handful and sold by the 500g bag. As the season progresses there will also be some Wild Garlic flowers available.


We can also expect courgette en fleur at the start of summer from Cherry Tree. 



James Perkins

Cherry Tree Farm

"We want you to be as passionate and as excited about our produce as we are"

Jonathan Parker, Managing Director

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