Our History

We've grown, changed, developed and are now one of the best at what we do...


When Jonathan Parker left his job as director of a London legal publishing business, he did not think that his new business would grow to supply food to some of the finest restaurants in the UK. However, that is exactly what has been acheived by Foodari since its launch in May 2007. 
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The business has changed and developed since the early days, but has always been underpinned by a love of all things local, British, fresh and tasty.
With a passion for food, agriculture and eating, developing a business that linked these three areas together seemed natural.
Jonathan has not done all of this on his own. Since Foodari's conception, his brother Tom has brought the real farming experience and father Chris has managed the numbers. With the addition of Paul's buying expertise, you have a senior management team that now drives the business forward. 

"We want you to be as passionate and as excited about our produce as we are"

Jonathan Parker, Managing Director