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Fiona and Hugh Boucher 

Newlands Farm

Fiona and Hugh Boucher of Newlands Farm are a strawberry dynasty. Hugh’s family have been growing strawberries in Norton, near Faversham, for 50 years and Fiona’s family has just celebrated 125 years of growing strawberries.

Newlands Farm grows more than 250 tonnes of strawberries a year on 18 acres and in 2017, Newlands Farm won the Taste of Kent Award for the Tastiest Strawberry with the Jubilee variety of strawberry.

Carefully selected varieties of strawberries are grown first and foremost for flavour, yield and beauty.  They grow among others driscols jubilee, vibrant, malling centenary and sonata.

Bouchers Strawbs.jpg

"We want you to be as passionate and as excited about our produce as we are"

Jonathan Parker, Managing Director

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