Surviving January, Wet Weather And More!

We made it! After surviving the 175 days it felt like January has had, our joy continues by welcoming a larger selection of locally grown produce as well as more exciting exotics from our friends across the waters. We have really enjoyed seeing all of your creative dishes with our produce throughout Veganuary and look forward to seeing how they adapt to mirror the changing seasons!


Galas are the apple of the moment in February, with our delightful range coming in from Fiona and Hugh Boucher at Newlands Farm, and J Colthrup at Hares Farm. Sadly, we do say farewell to our beautiful Pears from Tom Hulme at Hoaden Court Farm but will be moving over to the new season from Belgium. Belgium is closer to us, as the crow flies, than Lincolnshire, so rest assured that where possible, our focus is very much still focussed on food miles and provenance. In these Brexit driven days, does local have to mean British? We’ll leave that debate there…


Brassicas really come into their own this month, with the delightful January King Cabbage ready to grace your dishes, and the seasonal favourite, Savoys, remain in bountiful supply. Purple Sprouting Broccoli has indeed made its jubilant return and, in addition to his Swiss Chard last month, Paul Vasey-Wells can now offer us Bunched Beetroot and Cavolo Nero from Walmestone Farm.

There is no change with our hardy Roots, including Carrots, Turnips, Celeriac, Parsnips, Beetroots (of different shapes and colours) and Swede. They continue to be resilient and abundant, with no anticipated issues and good supply. Red and Brown Onions are proving our predictions correct, with the anticipated season to continue strongly as they come out of store.

British Produce

We are excited to be stocking Black Garlic and Parsley Roots and have welcomed Vegetable Oil from Danbury Oils in Essex, available in 20ltrs.

The famous Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb is trading well, and the season sets to run until March. It really is a stand-out product, so, if you haven’t tried it yet, we highly recommend that you do soon.


The Potato Shop, at Morghew Park in Tenterden, are offering a delightful mix of blue potatoes; Salad Blues, Violettas and Vitelottes, which will certainly bring a splash of colour to your dishes!

In addition, our Provenance Chippers farmed from Mongeham Farm, Deal, remain a popular alternative, as our locally grown competitor, to Maris Pipers and Chippers Choice. They are being received with rave reviews, and if you haven’t tried them yet, they are a must!

As previously reported, some potatoes were lost during the wet autumn but the market has stabilised once again and we anticipate supply and pricing to remain steady throughout February. We do predict a slight price increase in March, these should only be marginal changes, in line with the increased cost of storage later in the season.


We have recently welcomed the beautiful Kumato, following on from our focus on Spanish Heritage Tomatoes last month. Sweeter than normal tomatoes, but with a contrasting slightly sour note, they make for a unique and clearly defined taste sensation! They make a superb relish.