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There's No Better Time To Showcase The Offerings From Beautiful Kent!

After 18 months of closures, stop/start openings, rules, regulations and often some confusion, our new normal looks set to begin in earnest! We know that some of you will still be taking some precautionary measures whilst others are embracing the lack of restrictions, but however you decide to proceed with moving forwards we wish you all the very best of luck. We are here to make this latest transition as easy and stress free as possible, and we cannot wait to see your venues back to full capacity.

Fruit And Veg

Hoaden Court Farm has benefited from the recent spell of beautiful weather, and we are thrilled to have received Tom's early season apricots! Alongside his award winning cherries that are being received beautifully by you as always, make sure you add both of these local delights to your menu whilst the season lasts. He advises us that plums are progressing fantastically even though we encountered that very chilly spring, and will be available in the coming weeks.

Newlands Farm continue to pick their sensational strawberries for us daily, and if we do say so ourselves, we think this season is one of the best yet. As always The Garden Of England prevails!

Despite his best efforts, Trevor at Boundary Farm has informed us that the increased amount of rain at the start of the season and throughout has meant that his broccoli heads have grown irregularly and the stems have become hollow. This is an absolute common theme with broccoli from all British growers, which unfortunately means that availability is low and will naturally cause some price fluctuations. We expect the next unaffected crop to become available in September.

Thankfully, there has been no such damage to Trevor's cauliflowers and Savoys, and we hope to enjoy a stable and long supply over the last of the summer months.

Cherry Tree Farm are pleased to be offering their superb courgette en fleur, but please do bear in mind these will need to be preordered.

Hero salad growers LJ Betts are absolutely thrilled to have produced their first crop of pak choi, and we can definitely agree that this is really is an exciting offering! Again, preordering is advisable, please place your order Day 1 for Day 3 delivery.


Provenance Potatoes have previously warned us about the shorter shelf life of potatoes, and there is no change to that statement currently.

The high temperatures at this point in the season will cause tubers to sprout rapidly and therefore we advise you to keep stocks as low as possible and if available, store potatoes in a cold environment (except Chipping potatoes). The sprouts can easily be knocked off and do not affect the cooking quality of the potatoes.


From spiky mizuna to peppery rocket, and every leaf and head in between, LJ Betts continue to spoil us with truly amazing salads that we want to shout about! All salads are freshly picked from Church Farm ready for you to enjoy.

Green Lane Farm is growing some super spring onions for us, and piccolo cherry tomatoes from A Pearson Growers in Ash are proving to be a real hit!

Further Afield

As you know, Foodari champions local and British produce, but when this is not available, we aim to give you the same consistency and short supply chain, working with growers throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

Dean is happily orchestrating the delivery of strong sales on melons, and we look forward to receiving our first Argentinian orange and lemon containers this month.

Fresh Spanish sweetcorn will also be a highlight, until we can move over to the British crops.

We are continuing the development of our 52 week grape programme, and are now entering the Spanish season - which sees our first arrival this week.

Leading on from Food Service, Foodari Wholesale are delighted to be selling Kentish cherries, and plums when the Kentish season begins!

As always, please interact with us through our social media channels, and be sure to look at our pages for immediate produce and availability news!

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