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September - When Summer Produce Is Joined By Some Autumnal Delights!

This really is one of the best months of the year to gorge on beautiful, local Kentish produce! Much of what summer has to offer is still at it's best, with the welcome addition of some spectacular autumnal harvests. Salads, berries, apples, pears, potatoes and brassicas are all exciting us this month!


There is such a noticeable difference between local berries picked ripe on a daily basis, compared to imported which have to be picked in advance. Higher brix values gives them that gorgeous sweetness that you just can't get in the winter, and we are delighted that strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are all good for another month. Fiona and Hugh Boucher at Newlands Farm supply us with their stunning strawberries, and the delicious raspberries, blackberries and blueberries are coming in from Tim Chambers at Oakdene Farm.

All of our salads (lettuce, mixed leaves, rocket, spinach) continue to be locally grown by Stephen Betts on Church Farm near Maidstone. They are picked and supplied to us every morning so they really could not be fresher, this is where the joys of local produce really speaks for itself! Make the most of them, we should have another 3 weeks of supply if the frost holds off.

Kent produces some of the best apples and pears in the world and we are proudly stocking local varieties once again! We will be working with two of our trusted growers, Tom Hulme at Hoaden Court Farm and Hugh Boucher at Oakdene Farm for another season, bringing you the best varieties as they are picked. We can expect to see Robyns and Bramleys from Tom, and Gala's from Hugh.

The harvest of main crop potatoes is well underway and we can happily say that prices, quality and availability are much improved on last year! Prices will gradually ease further over the coming months and we will have full availability of new season across all varieties - washed, chipping, bakers, mids and exotic mixes. We are excited to be working with The Potato Shop at Morghew Estate in Tenterden and Provenance Potatoes at Mongeham Farm in Deal.

Thankfully, the growing problems with brassicas are now over! Local broccoli and cauliflower from Boundary Farm in Canterbury are at their best, as is russian kale, cavelo nero and various other cabbages. Many of these will go deep into the winter, so can be a fantastic menu staple.

There will be many more changes as produce comes in and goes out of season over the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for our immediate updates over on our social media channels!

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