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They say a picture is worth a thousand words and we certainly agree with that notion since we have started to explore our own journey with social media.

We know our produce is beautiful! We can tell you how stunning it is and where it is grown, but don't you agree the experience deepens when you can see it? Our recently stocked exotic potatoes for example - I can tell you the varieties of potato in the mix, but when you see the contrast in colour, shape and texture, does that provide you with more inspiration? I can tell you which farm our lettuce is from, but when you see it growing in the field, does that satisfy your inquisitiveness?

We are proud of our produce, take pride in the wonderful relationships we have with our growers and how we responsibly source produce from a little further afield if necessary with the shortest supply chain possible. We know you feel the same about your dishes, how lovingly you create them and how passionate you are about the ingredients you use within them and their presentation. We need to collectively shout this from the rooftops!

We would love for you to interact with us! Share with us your dishes, tag us in your photos, invite us into your kitchen, let us host an event with you, come and witness the provenance of our produce, the possibilities are endless! Let's connect in a way that enables you to come on this journey with us. Join us on twitter @Foodari, Instagram @foodari_ and on Facebook @Foodari. Welcome to the Foodari Family!

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