Tom Hulme - Our Local Fruit Grower With An Infectious Enthusiasm For His Kentish Produce!

On Thursday, our commercial director Paul, our quality control manager Danny and I had the pleasure of visiting Tom Hulme at Hoaden Court. We have worked with Tom for about 5 years now, getting produce such as apples, pears, cherries and now apricots from him. How lucky are we to have such superb local produce virtually on our doorstep! A C Hulme are a family run business which have been operating in East Kent since 1946.

What stood out for us all within seconds of meeting, is how utterly passionate Tom is about what he does and how he does it. The way in which he runs his business, manages operations on a day to day basis, his long term plans and ongoing development of producing the best quality fruit is nothing less than inspirational. The passion he showed was truly infectious, and we have absolutely no doubt that because of his enthusiasm and tireless work, that we (and obviously in turn you) will receive nothing but the very best fruit.

Foodari believes that at the heart of our business is a passion for food with provenance and traceability. We genuinely want you to be as excited about our produce as we are, and we want you to shout about it! We strive to work with growers who have the same ethos and in Tom, we have found the synergies between our businesses to be entirely on the same wavelength which can only induce a near perfect partnership.

If only we could bottle Tom's enthusiasm and passion, the world would be a very different place! I took over 500 photos at the farm and I am only sad that there is not a platform to share each and every one with you! My photos have already appeared on our website and on our social media, and I will be sharing more at every possible opportunity. If only you could feel how excited we are about his sublime offerings!

Over the weekend Tom's cherries that have been absolutely flying out the door to you have deservedly won several awards! Congratulations Tom and your team! And we are so pleased to have taken delivery of his divine apricots, ready to be delivered into your kitchen from tomorrow. Do not miss out on the very best local, award winning seasonal produce!

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