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Your Important Produce Update

With unprecedented challenges from all corners of the globe, you need to know about some availability (and potentially some pricing changes) you will encounter with immediate effect.

Our produce experts are always here to help with updates so please drop us a line if you require further information.

Salad tomatoes

Issues throughout the supply chain unfortunately means that our contracted prices on salad tomatoes are suspended until the situation settles. The cost price has doubled in recent days – resulting in astronomical prices in the market.

It is also looking likely that we can expect availability and pricing fluctuations with all lettuce, peppers and salads in general; we will of course keep you updated with this information as and when we have it.

Please see extract below from the communication we received from our supplier and some links that further explain the situation.

As you will be aware the price of loose tomatoes (amongst all products) has risen dramatically over the last 10 days and continues to do so. The reason for this Is a National sanction on exports in Morocco in a bid to reduce the value for the domestic market as we approach Ramadan. After 5 days of Spanish strikes this really has been a hammer blow.

We have done everything in our power to sustain and trade our way past this hellish season – but a government sanction on export is a bridge too far and we are asking for help. With contracted volumes not loading we have been buying open market to try and make sure you have the volumes needed but we can no longer sustain £1300+ per pallet loss.

The export ban is being lifted on Monday 28th so we expect another 10 days of pain then it to ease around 03rd April.

Please see below links to supporting information;

Free range eggs

All British hens have been kept inside for the past 4 months as the country has endured its largest outbreak of avian flu. Unfortunately as they have now not been out for over 16 weeks they can no longer be classed as free range.

Rest assured that all of our eggs are produced to the same high standards, from the same chickens and come from the same 2 suppliers – either Kent Egg Co or Woodlands, and our farmers have ensured that they have put measures and processes in place to ensure their chickens remain happy and healthy. They have incurred additional costs in housing birds inside however we have agreed to maintain current prices for you.

As spring starts the situations should change quickly, but in the meantime, we would advise that you cease using any reference to 'free range' eggs on your menus or at least add a disclaimer.

Foraged wild mushrooms

Bruce White our legendry mushroom supplier, has advised that there is a severe shortage of wild mushrooms and availability will be severely hindered until at least mid April. This is not the exotic wild mushroom mixes but foraged varieties such as trumpets and chanterelles.

Bruce tells us "wild mushrooms are always sparse and hard to come by at this time of year, but what little are available usually are sourced from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus. For obvious reasons, there has been no movement on these products and there is unlikely to be for some time.” Whilst we all love these brilliant mushrooms, I am sure you would agree that this region has far more important issues!

Bruce and his team are working hard to source mushrooms from elsewhere and is hopeful to see availability resume in mid April.

You can be sure that Foodari is committed to it's continued levels of support whilst you navigate these challenges, and that you have a standout supply partner who cares about your business. Please don't hesitate to speak to one of the team for more details - call us on 01233 721628, email or interact with us through our social media channels, and be sure to look at our pages for immediate produce and availability news.

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